Leading Change [Recommended Read - Diaan van Wyk]

Leading Change by John P. Kotter

Kotter has authored several outstanding books on leadership, and organizational leadership. His works are the result of many years of research on leaders and their organizations.

This particular book -‘Leading Change’ - lets us journey through the process of being at the front of change management.

It is an eight step process that needs to be followed meticulously.   It calls for a very intentional change agent to take the lead on change. It is not a quick fix. It takes years to change a company’s culture and adopt the new initiative.

  • It requires a sense of urgency to lead the change,
  • You need a few team members that will help make the change real
  • Next is developing a Vision and Strategy, followed by
  • Communicating the Change Vision, and
  • Empowering employees for broad based action
  • Generate small victories
  • Consolidate gains and produce more change, and
  • Lastly anchor new approaches in the very fabric of company culture

Being able to adopt change strategies is what the organization of the future looks like.

A culture of leadership and lifelong learning needs to be embedded within the organization.

A must read.

- Diaan van Wyk

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