Meet KVV Friend: Jannie Putter

December 13, 2017 Team KVV

Meet Jannie Putter

Jannie was also the quest speaker at our KVV Masters Leadership Initiative Launch EVENT, held on 21 June 2017.

I studied to become a Sport-Psychologist but my life had many twists and turns. I was totally “off-track” for some time but got saved.

I was the mental coach at the Blue Bulls for an extraordinary successful period of five years (2006 – 2010) when we won the Super 14 three times.

I am the author of five exciting books of which the first four have been published in both English and Afrikaans. My first book was “Wie Wen – Ek of my kind?” (Winning is for kids… and parents). My second book was “Die geheime van ‘n Kampioen / Secrets of a champion ”. My third book have been released in June 2011 with the title “Wenplan vir die lewe” / “Game Plan for life”. Currently one of the top 3 inspirational sellers in SA! My forth book: “KOELKOP – dink soos ‘n wenner” / MENTALLY TOUGH was released in 2012. My latest book: “Wenplan vir jou kind se lewe” was released in July 2014.

A new CD in Afrikaans: “Koelkop – 20 sleutels tot die lewe van ‘n kampioen” has been released in October 2014 at CUM.

Since 2015 I have been the mental coach at the Golden Lions Rugby team and it is an amazing spiritual experience – an adventure I cannot describe!

I have a private practice as mental coach (Sport Psychologist)

I perform as a Motivational speaker on various areas of life (parenthood / success-principles in the work-place / management & leadership / marriage / relationships / faith / exercise-principles / team-work / handling stress & frustration / substance abuse etc…)

I am a Mentor and counsellor

I am loved by my wife and intrigued by my children – we live in a home filled with love and happiness!

I serve an Almighty God who has a perfect plan for every one of us.

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