KVV Masters Leadership Initiative [Events Calendar]

September 19, 2017 Team KVV

Past events:


21 June 2017 - KVV Masters Leadership Initiative Launch

5 October 2017 - Leaders And The Unknown (THE NEXT 20 MILES)

20 October 2017 - Challenging The Status Quo Courageously

8 November 2017 - Leadership Demands a Verdict

19 October 2018 - Changing My World Makes a Worlds Difference


Upcoming events: 


  • Details to follow shortly...


Kindly contact Diaan Van Wyk at diaan@kvvinc.co.za or Roy Kapp at roy@kvvinc.co.za should you have any questions about the KVV Masters Leadership Initiative or our upcoming events.

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KVV Inc. [Core Values]

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Welcome to the KVV Training Centre!
Welcome to the KVV Training Centre!