Louis Botha Children's Home [Charity]

About Louis Botha Children’s Home

The home was established in 1918 by Helen de Waal, the daughter of General Louis Botha, the first prime minister of the Union of South Africa.

At the time many children were orphaned as a result of the flu epidemic, the cause of death of millions of people around the word. South Africa was the fifth hardest hit country in the world, with a death toll estimated at 140 000 in a seven-week period towards the end of 1918.

The original home was situated at a school in the city centre, then moved to Roberts Heights (Thaba Tshwane).

This property could not house the growing number of children and was soon moved to a property in Beatrix street.

In 1960, after a few years on the property where the Steve Biko hospital is situated now, the home was relocated to its present location in Queenswood.

At 100 years we are the oldest children’s home in the capital, a safe haven for children who have been removed by the South African Children’s Court for reasons of abuse, neglect and poverty.

Our children are aged between 6 to 18 years.

It is our mission to provide love and laughter together with all the necessary therapy, education and a safe environment for the children in our care.

We have various programs in place to help every child develop into confident, independent young adults.

If you want to get involved or need more information on our activities, please contact our marketing department.

To become an active contributor, you may sign-up to our Give-to-Care program, where you may make a monthly contribution towards our home.

The Louis Botha Home is an affiliate to the Jakaranda Children’s Home, you will notice that some of our fundraising projects are done in conjunction. Also, many of the activities that our children attend are structured to include both homes.

Should you wish to become involved with or make a donation to The Louis Botha Children’s Home, please contact eileen@kvvinc.co.za

Visit The Louis Botha Children’s Home at: https://louisbothachildren.co.za/



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