The Lighthouse Baby Shelter [Charity]

The Lighthouse Baby shelter was founded in June 2008 by Eleanor Dustan. Eleanor has been passionate about children all her life and as a mother having two daughters she used to take orphans into her home for holidays and weekends as they were growing up.

She has been an astute business woman having owned nine successful business’ throughout her working career. In December 2007 Eleanor realized that she wanted and needed to make a lasting impact where children in South Africa were concerned. The need was and still is GREAT in this country for children that have been abandoned, abused, neglected and the HIV orphans. So she prayed and asked for guidance on how and where to start. God positioned people in Eleanor’s life that she could call on that were involved in the welfare that could point out the needs and procedures for her to get started. Within a short space of time The Lighthouse Baby Shelter was opened and ready to receive its first babies.

The journey thus far has been one of many challenges, loads of tears and heartache, but also one of great fulfilment and pleasure. To see the neglected, abandoned or abused children arriving with ailments, bruises, some even on deaths door, recover to become confident, well-adjusted and joyful children is a reward that is above any other. It is this, that Eleanor remembers when those challenges arise, whether it be financial or otherwise, and that is what keeps her going in the tough times.

Eleanor is a woman of God who holds strongly to her faith, believing that God will provide what is needed to take care of His children, He has always come through for us, through the kindness and generosity of the public. The children are raised as Christians and we pray they will grow up be a stable, well adjusted adults, that have learnt to give back to society.

The shelter takes care of children from birth to the age of six years and is located in Sundowner in Johannesburg. We have wonderful staff members that are under Eleanor’s guidance and are loving and nurturing to our children. All the staff are women and take excellent care of each little resident.

The adopted children often come back with their parents to visit us and their little friends and it is incredible to see them growing up. All of them are so well adjusted and content little people, so different to when they first arrived at the shelter. The bonds formed are life-long and we always encourage a visit from time to time.

We rely solely on the generosity of the public for finances and we are exceptionally grateful for the continued support we receive.

Should you wish to become involved with or make a donation to The Lighthouse Baby Shelter, please contact

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