A Note from our Directors | September 2019

September 20, 2019 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

We as humans have the capacity to grow and shrink our intellect, we can literally become smarter or not…. The brain is like any other organ, if left unconditioned, it will weaken, but if it is trained, it will strengthen and become stronger – aka – smarter!

Intelligence is far more fluid than previously thought and our brains are a lot more malleable than they are rigid.

This raises exciting possibilities when it comes to business and the way we operate as a system. If individuals become serious about growth and if they engage in meaningful brain-stimulating practises, collectively we can become stronger and smarter. It does, however, start with the individual, you and me… Some of these activities that cause neurons to fire and grow are exercising, ( aerobic exercises has proven to grow verbal intelligence by as much as 50% – Maria Aberg) reading, meditating, playing an instrument and surrounding yourself with people that are forward-thinking and that has a positive attitude!

We should all start to challenge the conventional methods of training (not disregarding the importance of various training needs such as soft skills etc.) We can start to train our brain to be smarter just by adopting an attitude of gratitude and erasing negative thoughts.

Personal responsibility and accountability have never been larger! We are in charge of our performance and savviness. Our growth is in our own hands. No one can let your belly shrink and form a six-pack for you… and no one can grow our brain-cells for you … KVV strives to cultivate a culture where all stakeholders have the opportunity and awareness of the vast opportunity for growth.

Let us take charge of the new season and be smarter tomorrow than what we are today!

Kind Regards
Diaan van Wyk | Director

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