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April 22, 2024 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

As I am writing this I am looking out into a small part of our garden. My study looks out over a small patch of grass and a tree where birds play all summer long. It struck me earlier today how suddenly winter has set in; the grass is turning brown and the tree which provides so much joy for playful birds is losing its foliage in preparation for winter. The grass is littered with leaves in flashing colours of brown, red and yellow and it hit me – winter is here. Sure, I have seen it coming, my mind recognises its imminent arrival and I understand the season and the time of year and yet it still catches me unawares every year. This year, what stands out is the fact that we are there again so quickly. The first part of the year feels like a blur. Things moved so incredibly fast, changes occurred, and plans have gone unactioned and suddenly the first quarter is behind us.

I have noticed that others around have also not been left unaffected by the staggering pace with which this year has commenced. People, at least in my circle, seem to be a little on edge, to the point that one needs to be wary of what you say to people. I have also been on the receiving end (and as much as I hate to admit it on the delivering end) of some scathing remarks and outbursts, usually directed to people that are innocent in the equation.

I am in the process of reading a book titled “Good Inside” by Dr Becky Kennedy who operates from a unique perspective. She proposes that one always, in any circumstances and in any conversation operate from the perspective that a person is inherently “Good Inside”. She also proposes that one needs to always give preference to the most generous interpretation to what is happening and how a person is acting. That is a unique approach which I think I want to try and incorporate in the next couple of months. When a person cuts in front of you in traffic, instead of viewing the person as a bad and reckless driver, maybe look at the most generous interpretation and view the person as someone who might have genuinely not seen that it was your turn to go and believed it was his turn to go. The person making a big scene over the price of an item at Checkers being different to the advertisement might not just be a person who likes to be “right all the time” but might need the saving which was advertised so that a few more units of electricity might be bought at the end of the month.  Your child not wanting to go to school might not be because they are being difficult and disobedient but might just be because they enjoyed the connection they had with you in the morning before school.

I wonder what the world could look like, if everyone operated from a perspective that people are all good inside and applied the most generous interpretation they can to every situation and in every conversation?


Ianthe Biggs | Conveyancer
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