KVV | A Note from our Director

September 7, 2021 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

Dear Client

Writing something inspiring in the beginning of September should be easy. There is so much to take positive inspiration from – we just ended Womens Month in August, it is the start of Spring and nature is waking up with blooms and blossoms wherever you look, and we are celebrating heritage month in our lovely country South Africa this month.

But the truth of the matter is, this is not a normal Spring season. Instead of walking around with smiles on our faces, smelling the roses as we go, we have to wear facemasks when out in public. Instead of attending spring festivals and planning holidays with loved ones, we are forced to social distance and nobody is sure when we will be able to gather in large numbers again. We are waking up every day to more news of loved ones being tested positive, and even the devastating heart-breaking news of loved ones passing on, not surviving the virus. People are scared and confused – vaxxers and anti-vaxxers are criticising each other on social media. No one knows what is lying ahead for us in the months and years to come. One thing that is sure though, is that nothing will ever be the same again.

Having said all that, I am still going to refer you to a story from nature. My grandmother had an Amaryllis flower, which flowered so well over the years that all of our family members have been fortunate enough to receive a bulb. Each year we would announce to each other “ouma is blooming”, when the pink flowers start to blossom.

My “ouma” plant sadly was eaten by worms this year – within the midst of everyday live and tragedy I saw too late that the leaves were turning brown. An early sign of worms eating at the bulb of the plant. I gave the necessary pesticide, but sadly it seemed to be too late as all the leaves of the plant died away.

Over the past weekend, I looked at my “ouma” plant and to my surprise I saw the green of a flower sprouting out of the bulb! The plant has no leaves, has been eaten rotten by worms, but not only is it not dead, it still has the energy to produce a flower!!

Sometimes looking at nature makes me feel small and even a little embarrassed. Through all the turmoil we face in our daily lives, we as humans many times feel like we cannot go on. Like the “worms” of our existence have eaten away at everything that could ever be considered as beautiful in our lives. May you, like me, take inspiration from the lesson learned from this little Amaryllis plant. May we stand proud through our storms – and not only survive them, but still find the energy to produce a beautiful flower!

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