Difference Between Sectional Title and Freehold Property [Training]

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Difference Between Sectional Title vs Freehold Property Training Video

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Difference Between Sectional Title vs Freehold Property Presentation

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Building in Security Estates: The ‘Persuasive Sting’ of Penalty Levies https://hub.kvvinc.co.za/kvv-inc-2/building-in-security-estates-the-persuasive-sting-of-penalty-levies

Ombuds – Why and How to Use Them https://hub.kvvinc.co.za/kvv-inc-2/ombuds-why-and-how-to-use-them

Why Buyers Should Ask for Building Plans (and Why Sellers Should Supply Them) https://hub.kvvinc.co.za/kvv-inc-2/why-buyers-should-ask-for-building-plans-and-why-sellers-should-supply-them

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