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Contract Law

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Standard Offer to Purchase

4. Recommended Reading

Beware the Building Deadlines When Buying-to-Build

Buying Property this Festive Season? Check the Title Deed First!

Can You Still Sell As Is? CPA v The Voetstoots Clause

From the Horse’s Mouth: House Sales and the VAT Increase

Plot-and-Plan: Great Option, Just Beware the Building Deadline

Verbal Agreements – The Property Perspective

Your Property Sale Agreement: Be Careful How It’s Worded!

Selling Property? Check for VAT Before You Sign

Plot And Plan: The Strange Case Of The Unsigned Sale Agreement

Tell All Your Creditors When You Change Address! The Case of the Summons Served on a Complex Security Guard

New Year, New Business – How to Pick the Right Legal Entity for It

Bond Clauses: Beware the Deadlines!

12 Questions to Ask Before You Sign That Deed of Sale

Owning Property Jointly – The Rewards, The Risks, and The Remedy

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Court We Go – But What are the Costs of Suing?

Agreements Not to Sue – Tread Carefully!

Losing Your Property to Acquisitive Prescription

Your New House Leaks Like a Sieve – Can You Sue the Seller?

Leaving Anything Important Out of Your Property Sale Agreement Will Sink It

Can Your 👍Thumbs-Up Emoji or E-Signature Seal a Deal?

Landlords: You Cannot Cut a Defaulting Tenant’s Water and Electricity

Dementia: Understanding Your Legal Options

A Costly Case of Buyer’s Remorse

Buying a Used Car – Your Rights

Property Sales: “Conditional Acceptance” of an Offer is Not Acceptance, It’s Rejection

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