A note from our director

October 24, 2018 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

Change is not the new normal… but how we react to it should be. This notion that change is not something new is very exciting, because it tells us that we have been surviving change all along!

So, what is the buzz around ‘change readiness’ then? Why are all the thought leaders hammering on the skill-set to prepare us for CHANGE? Change in itself is not the disease, it is the pace, the volatility, the uncertainty of change that brings about the need to brace for impact.

Never in the history of time has change been so rapid and unpredictable, this is mainly due to Digitisation and Smart Competition. To stay ahead of the pack will require daily stocktaking of personal resilience and flexibility. It is no longer good enough to have new year’s resolutions to gear us up for the year to come, business and life in general requires a daily, deliberate decision to be brave and to raise the bar.

It is also our responsibility as active, Godly citizens to prepare those around us for these complex changes too. This will be our focus and theme at our Master’s Event the 19th of October. ‘Changing your world makes a world of a difference.’ True leaders do not wear the amour of resilience alone, they help dress others and equip them for the glorious turbulent journey.

Join us at KVV as we embark on daily mindfulness regarding dialling up our thoughts, behaviours and principles. By doing this, we are forward thinking and pro-active, which will ensure a readiness for any change!

Kind Regards

Diaan van Wyk   |  Director

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