A note from our director

February 6, 2024 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

A Note from our Director

The outlook for the South African property market for 2024 remains optimistic – this is driven by several key factors. One stand-out factor is that interest rates are expected to decrease soon, which means that housing affordability is likely to improve, in return attracting more potential buyers into the market.  This will create a favourable environment for prospective homebuyers.

Historically, a seller’s market is characterized by high demand and limited inventory, empowering property owners to negotiate favourable terms. With the anticipated decrease in interest rates, cost of borrowing decreases and sellers can expect increased competition among buyers, potentially driving up property prices.

Financial institutions and policymakers are closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the need for a balanced market that benefits both buyers and sellers. The impact of interest rate fluctuations on the property market underscores the interconnected nature of economic variables and their influence on the real estate sector.

As the year progresses, the South African property market is poised for a dynamic transformation. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, staying informed and adapting to these changing dynamics will be crucial for making informed decisions in this evolving real estate landscape.

Overall, whilst the market is anticipated to offer opportunities, we urge you to stay informed by regularly checking in with your local property professional (Agent), mortgage originator and/or bank to do a pre-qualification and know that all 5, soon to be 6, of the KVV Inc offices, will gladly guide you through the buying and selling process – this year and beyond!

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Diaan van Wyk  |  Director

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