A Note from our Director

June 30, 2020 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

I once heard a story of a pride of lions who hunted and ate only buffalo. This was an enormous task and required the entire pride’s effort and skills to ensure this acquired taste for buffalo meat was met. They all pulled together and hunted like no other pride and ate like no other pride. Their combined strategy fed them the meat of their choice for a while, but only for a while… Because the entire pride had to be involved with this enormous task of hunting such large animals, they neglected some of the other vital aspects of being a lion. Such as, tending to their young, reproducing young, and protecting their land. This unique and special pride of lions eventually died out and was no more. They will be remembered as the pride who dared to do what no other pride has done, but it cost them their lives and the existence of their pride.

In business and in our entire life, we must strike just the perfect balance when it comes to the big fish, at the right time, at the right cost, vs those delights that steals our focus and side-tracks us from our essential, fundamental roles.

To have buffalo meat occasionally could have been enough, but the lust for ONLY buffalo cost them their lives.

We can and should go for the big wins, the audacious goals, the “unlike any other” dreams, but we should never lose sight of the foundational truths and tasks that are required to sustain us.

Chase the buffalos but be careful at what cost you do it!

Kind Regards

Diaan Van Wyk  Director

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