A Note from our Director

January 13, 2021 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

Dear Client

I trust you have had time to reflect on 2020 and spend quality time with loved ones over the festive period.

What can we expect from the property market This year? Although 2020 has taught us that we should not try and predict the future, let’s look at a short overview of where we are at the moment.

As a result of the low-interest rates, the lowest in 50 years, a great opportunity developed for South Africans to enter the property market or even purchase investments properties. Tenants and first time home buyers are now able to afford to buy properties. People can afford bigger houses, with the prospects of working from home also becoming a reality. Although the stats indicate that millennials are still hesitant to purchase, the average age of buyers is younger. The forecast is that the interest rate will remain stable for the rest of the year.

The additional stress that COVID-19 has caused in the economy, like unemployment, has filtered down to the household, not just financially but also personally. The result has been an increase in property sales caused by forced sales and even unfortunate events like divorces. We could also expect an increase in distressed property to enter the market, leading to more competitive house prices. I recommend that you use expert agents and mortgage originators to assist with finding accurate market-related property prices and finance options.

Compliments for 2021, remember the lessons learned from 2020. To not plan too far ahead, be adaptable and agile this year!  Let us hold on to our faith, celebrate our small daily “wins” and control the controllable’s.

Finally let us remember to have some fun every now and then!


Diaan Van Wyk  |  Director

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