A Note from our Director | Mariette van Zyl

June 24, 2022 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

A Note from our Director

I have always been envious of morning people – being able to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn with an attitude of carpe diem and a song in the heart. Personally, I have always been a lot more capable of burning the midnight oil than igniting same early in the morning. And that weakness is multiplied when the said morning is in the middle of winter, when mornings are both early and cold and you need double the amount of coffee before you can get going. Thank goodness that God has a fondness of diversity and that we are all created different.

If you are a morning person, then I admire you greatly! If, however, you are more like me, then this past week marked some good news for us. The 21st of June 2022 – the shortest day and the longest night in South Africa, and the turn of the season! Yeah!!

On a more serious note though, this reminds me of one of the certainties of life : that seasons will always change. It is one of the assurances we can hold on to during the most difficult times in life – that no matter how bad things are going at the moment, like the season, things will change. The tides will turn, the earth will continue on its orbit around the sun and the empty branches of the trees will start sprouting new leaves as the sun rises earlier and the temperature becomes milder.

This week saw something else that we all have been looking forward to – maybe with some level of uncertainty, but also a level of hope. The Government repealed the remaining COVID-19 regulations which included the rules on wearing masks indoors and the limitation on public events and gatherings. These past two and half years were certainly trying for the human race. The worldwide pandemic caused sickness, death, uncertainty and financial strain, to name but a few of its implications.

I am reminded of the quote by Albert Camus: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

We all had to dig deep these past two years – I know I have. May this change of season be more than just the literal transition from winter to summer. May this also symbolize the change that we have been desperately looking forward to. A rise from the ashes of the Covid Pandemic where we will move forward with more strength, more resilience, and most of all, more appreciation for the gift of live.

To those who have lost loved ones in this pandemic. I know your pain. May you to find a glimpse of spring on your horizon. And may hope and faith always be your anchor.

Mariette van Zyl | Director

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