A Note from our Directors | August 2019

August 22, 2019 kvv

Time goes by a second by second. Seconds become minutes, minutes hours, hours a day, days a week and a week a month.  With time seasons come and go. Seasons in the year, seasons in life.

Time goes by and you have to use it or lose it. It is up to me to make seasons count in my life. I have the option to use my time wisely or waste it. The choice is mine. Either the cup is half full or half empty, the choice is mine.

Here at KVV we chose to dedicate time to live our values and be held accountable to them. To live this requires reflection of where we are and where do we want to time travel.

At KVV we have entered a new season of renewed commitment to ourselves and to you our clients. We are in a process of reflection and dialogue on service delivery. How can we improve on building lasting relationships and better results.

To do this we choose to focus on our value of credibility. Credibility consists of trust and competence. Our new season is to improve ourselves as individuals to the extent that collectively we build trust through lasting relationships and deliver a competent service that touches the hearts of our clients.

Welcome to our new season and thank you for holding us accountable to live and value our commitment to credibility.

Kind Regards
Roy Kapp | Director

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