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November 15, 2022 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

I recently read that some parts of the world celebrated something called “international kindness day” on 13 November 2022. My first thought was probably the same as the thought that many of you might have at first and it went something like “Ahhhhh why do we need a special made-up day for every little thing”.

However, it would be dishonest of me to say that I did not find myself continuously reconsidering the idea throughout the next couple of days. The idea of a day dedicated to random acts of kindness seemed to inextricably draw me in the more I thought of it. Kindness, in its truest form, is doing something helpful or thoughtful for someone (that someone often being weaker or more vulnerable than you), with no hope of reward or gain and purely for the purpose of, well, kindness.

The news nowadays is completely devoid of stories relating to kindness and we often hear people lamenting the cruelty of the world and the life we find ourselves in. But, oh my, allow yourself to dream with me and consider for a moment a world where people treat all other people with kindness. Imagine a world where motorists approach a “loadshedded” intersection with smiles, leeway and kindness. Imagine a world where a random stranger pays for your coffee at Starbucks one morning, unaware that you are exhausted from staying up all night with your sick toddler.

I know the idea seems foreign, I know that it goes against the grain sometimes. But many of us work with people on a daily basis. We speak to hundreds of people on a weekly basis whether it be the person in front of you in a line, a colleague or client or simply just some random person in a shop somewhere. Imagine the impact that one act of kindness per person per day could achieve.

Bob Kerrey once said that unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change. I want to challenge you the next couple of months to be the change that you want to see in people. I want to challenge you to go out there and change the world with kindness. I want to challenge you to realise that the power to change the world might literally reside in your smile.


Ianthe Biggs  |  Associate

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