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May 16, 2023 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

On Friday I read the weather forecast and saw that it was snowing in Lesotho and the surrounding mountain ranges, I told my husband that this meant that there was some cold weather heading our way (I live in Krugersdorp). My words were not even cold yet (pun intended) when the cold hit us on Saturday night. Saturday night brought rain and Mother’s Day was frosty and windy. Do what you will but there was no denying it. Winter was truly and finally here.

We as South Africans seem to be largely divided into people that love summer and loathe winter, and of course, people that love their seasons the other way around. I form part of the latter. I like winter. I always thought that the main reason why this was is because, as a redhead, I prefer the sun in winter when its intensity is just dialed down a tad. However, recently I have come to realise there is more to it than that.

There is an enchantment to winter that summer simply does not have. Outdoor braais give way to cosy indoor dinners with bobotie, curries, biryanis or whatever hearty meal your Ouma used to make during cold snaps. And then the soups, I mean who does not like a warm fresh butternut soup with added chilli flakes and a pinch too much nutmeg, steaming from the crockpot with a freshly baked ciabatta.

Winter does not just bring a change in the food we prefer though, there is something enchanting about being able to draw the curtains on a cold winter night and cuddle up with a loved one on the couch under a blanket, each with a steaming milo in hand and a tub of butter popcorn to watch some silly movie you both have watched 10 times already. Or having a sit down dinner with friends, each with his or her warm water bottle on the lap and a glass of sherry to warm the belly.

This winter I want to challenge all that are reading this newsletter to host a dinner, a proper winter dinner with spicy warm foods, wine or sherry and warm water bottles or blankets a plenty (not much of a challenge I hear you saying). But the challenge is this, I want you to specifically think of someone, that might not be experiencing the same warmth I described above regarding winter. We all know someone for which winter is lonely, cold and unpleasant and this is the person I want to challenge you to invite to your dinner party.

Seneca, one of the great stoic philosophers, once said that nothing is pleasant to possess without people to share it with. The same goes for our warm winter feeling. Go ahead South Africa, lets share some love this winter and make sure that everyone out there has something that is pleasant to possess because it is shared. Stay warm this winter.


Ianthe Biggs  |  Conveyancer

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