November 2019 Directors Note

November 11, 2019 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

Winning the 2019 World cup, with such courage. Courage means someone has your back.  Today the Bokke played with courage and they had each other’s backs. Because of this each player’s confidence soared as the game progressed. The slogan “stronger together” came to life like never before.

The team is always stronger than the sum of the parts. The Bokke, a team second to none. Rassie the coach, the strategist, planning, communicating his plan, and demanding the best players that suits his plan. They played the Rassie way. Many have criticized players for the way they played in the world cup. They sucked it up and played the Rassie way. Today the Bokke are the World Champions.

The most amazing thing is Rassie was appointed with specific instructions/vision. Transformation needs to be embraced and be reflected in his team selection. He embraced it and planned accordingly. The urgency with which he worked the change needed, not only to win, but also to do it the South African way, was phenomenal.

He turned a team, a country (dare I say) around in 18 Months. Everybody else always talks about a four year plan to prepare for the next world cup. Rassie believed in the vision, he communicated the vision, and he got the buy in from his selected players, together they practiced and implemented the game plan and together they won the 2019 World cup.

What lessons can we learn from this fantastic world cup 2019 journey?

  • Leaders that have the vision of the new normal and the urgency to follow through on the vision.
  • Courage to change when change is needed to become that new normal.
  • To communicate the new normal.
  • Team players with courage and discipline to embrace the change needed to become our new normal.
  • A plan that shows the way to our new normal.
  • The courage to execute the plan that creates the new normal.
  • The result to lift the Cup sooner rather than later.

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