September 2020 | A Note from our Directors

September 21, 2020 Kapp Van Wyk Van Zyl Inc

We are in the month of September 2020. Spring has come and lockdown 1 has arrived. In a sense I am reminded of the power of a tornado or hurricane. A huge force of nature and can destroy almost everything in their path. In the warning stage before the storm we are given instructions on our best options to survive the storm. We then prepare as best we can so we have the best chance to survive the storm. Some are better prepared than others. Some have better support systems around them than others. We all do what we can with what we have at the time given, before the storm hits.

Then the storm hits and we are all in it. No one is exempted. We are in the storm as long as it lasts. In this time crises control becomes a norm. The extent of the crises in your environment is dependent on your preparation. Some are better prepared than others, yet we all weather the same storm.

Then suddenly the storm has past, leaving bare the destruction it caused. Again the damage done differs from area to area. Now what?, we ask as we look at the destruction. We pick up the pieces and start rebuilding our lives, business and properties. Some need to fix a roof, another rebuild his entire house. The extent of the damage differs from house to house, yet this is not the issue. Our attitude and our preparation before the storm hit us is the THING.

Bill Gates, in his tenure as CEO of Microsoft, ask the question:

What is the worst thing that can happen in the next 30 days? Once he knew the answer, he prepared for exactly that. He was not right all the time. Yet he was best prepared to weather a storm as it hit.

For now, we rebuild and prepare for the next storm, because it is on its way. At KVV we are richer because of our experience on how to weather a storm. We know we are better because of what we learned. We know that to surrender the outcome to God is key. We know that preparation is important. We do the work to prepare, yet we surrender the outcome. The outcome is: all things works out for the good to those who believes in Jesus.

Kind Regards
Roy Kapp | Director

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