In the Driving Seat [Recommended Read]

In the Driving Seat by Brand Pretorius

I recently had the privilege to meet Brand. A humble, gentlemen with a presence and air of authority.

In his book “In the Driving Seat” he shares with us his leadership experience as CEO at Toyota Marketing services and McCarthy.

As a servant leader he believed, the customer is the king. This king is best served if you have the best people around you to do what it takes to serve the customer. He valued the role played by everyone in his company to make the business a success.

I now begin to understand what it takes to be a principled leader in today’s global environment.  In his book he outlines the leadership experience, the prerequisites for effective leadership and the execution of great leadership and more…

It is as if one can feel the pressure and cost one has to pay to be a servant leader in an organization as big as McCarthy. He shares with us his lessons of leadership through his successes and failures during his tenure as CEO.

A great read from a sincere and authentic leader.


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