Operations and Process Management [Recommended Read - Diaan van Wyk]

Operations and Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact by Nigel Slack and Alistair Brandon-Jones

Each organisation or business has a product or service, whereby they generate income and ultimately aim to run a profitable business. Slack and Brandon–Jones assist us to better understand operations and process management by using the following techniques throughout the book:

  • Identification and discussion of key operations principles.
  • Each chapter has an executive summary, checklist and a case study
  • “Applying the principles” section.

Key Principles discussed are (just to mention a few):

  • Your business strategy and reflection on that strategy.
  • Analysis and capacity management.
  • Resource planning and control.
  • Improvement and Quality management.
  • Risk and resilience.

Take control of your business operation and processes by tapping into the insights from Slack and Brandon-Jones!


Diaan van Wyk

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